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Getting Vaccinated Really Have Precedence Over A Proper...

Does getting vaccinated really have precedence over a proper education? Currently all fifty states require children to be up to date on all vaccinations to enter kindergarten (â€Å"What Would Happen†). Alice Park, a reporter for Time, reported, many parents disagree with mandated vaccine and refuse to vaccinate their children on religious or philosophical grounds. However, vaccinations help build immunity and prevent many deadly diseases. Park noted that religious and philosophical waivers make the herd-immunity effect less effective. Park explained that the herd-immunity effect takes place when the upper majority of a population is fully vaccinated, covering those who did not or cannot get vaccinated, like cancer patients and newborns who†¦show more content†¦However, these parents are underestimating how many other parents have the same idea. An increasing problem is that people assume that everyone else vaccinated their children. In reality, a minority large enoug h to start an epidemic are not vaccinating their children. Park estimates if all children received the recommended vaccinations from the time they were born to adolescence $10 billion in medical bills would be saved, 14 million infections would be avoided, and 33,000 lives would be saved (Park). The issue is, critics believe these numbers do not apply to them. Critics believe their child’s infection could not have been avoided, and, potentially, life could not have been saved if they did vaccinate their child. Many people who are a part of the mandated vaccine debate are wondering, what would happen if more and more people stopped vaccinating their children. This actually happened in Japan in the late 1900s. The CDC report â€Å"What Would Happen If We Stopped Vaccinations?† states that â€Å"[in] 1974, about 80% of Japanese children were getting pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine† (â€Å"What Would Happen†). There were 393 cases of whooping-cough reported and zero deaths. Ten years later, the amount of children vaccinated dropped to 10%. That year 13,000 cases of whooping-cough were reported and 41 deaths. Soon people started to vaccinate their children and the number of deaths dropped (â€Å"What Would Happen†). These deaths could have been prevented if their

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The Features of Faithful Womens Life - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 974 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/03/22 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Faith Essay Did you like this example? There are a myriad of women, all different ages, who are exceptional leaders. They are especially leaders in the sense of their teachings of how to live life filled with faith and love. Two notable women who lead their lives with God include Mary Magdalene and Lady Gaga. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Features of Faithful Womens Life" essay for you Create order For instance, Mary Magdalene appears in the bible multiple times as an extraordinary woman who gives up her life to love and praise Jesus. In the bible, she is portrayed crying over Jesuss tomb and at his crucifixion. She was one of the women who witnessed the angel who told her that Jesus had risen. She was a profound follower of Jesus who is also remembered by kissing his feet and washing them. Many people are most surprised to learn that nowhere in the Bible is Mary Magdalene described as a prostitute. However although not written in scripture, the reputation does have church support. Pope Gregory I delivering a sermon that technically stated that Mary Magdalene probably had that job. Indeed, then Mary has more often than not been represented as a prostitute who gave up her awful ways to follow the savior, Jesus. This sometimes allows a powerful positive effect on women and the image of God being forgiving. Regarding Marys time period, her personal life did fit the time era however once she followed Jesus she was known as a radical. We can learn from Mary Magdalene that Jesus always gives peace of love. We must remember to be persistent in faith no matter what sins have occurred and we can learn to spread the gospel. One contemporary leader that reflects Marys actions would be Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is similar to Mary Magdalene through numerous aspects of her life. One example of this is her persistence of faith. Lady Gaga grew up very Catholic and seemed to have always kept that close to her heart. She has always preached the word of God to her friends and fanbase, no matter what others thought of her, especially paparazzi or news crews. This is similar to Mary following Jesus no matter what everyone thought of her. Another instance of their similarities include the fact that Mary has a reputa tion of being used by men. Lady Gaga had struggled with sexual assault only as a teenager. Although this tested her faith she stuck with Jesus and knew that He would always be there for her. This is something Lady Gaga has addressed and proudly stated to many. Lady Gaga even mentioned Mary Magdalene as an inspiring leader to her. An article called When Celeberties Share Their Faith, shared their thoughts of faith filled celeberties by saying, Many celebrities are sharing Bible verses, quoting priests, and singing Christian music while at the same time still leading a typical Hollywood lifestyle void of Christian values such as modesty and purity. Lady Gaga wisely defended herself by posting on social media, Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Christ and was protected and loved by him. A prostitute. Someone society shames as if she and her body are a mans trash can. He loved her and did not judge. He let her cry over him and dry his feet with the hair of a harlot. We are not just celebrities we are humans and sinners, children, and our lives are not void of values because we struggle. We are as equally forgiven as our neighbor. God is never a trend no matter who the believer. I think this illustrates Lady Gagas values perfectly. Her whole act of wearing crazy clothes or costumes is solely to show that even at her craziest she is loved by God. The differences between Lady Gaga and Mary Magdalene include that Lady Gaga obviously is a performer and she has started several charities for sexual abuse, which Mary did not especially in that timer era. A few bible verses that initially described Mary, also stood out to me that they perfectly described Lady Gaga. This includes one from Mark 15:40, There were also some women looking on from a distance, among whom were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James. While many of the disciples of Jesus, like Peter, were quick to leave Jesus, Mary stayed and followed Christ no matter the cost to herself. This reminds me of how although Lady Gaga is always criticized for being faithful and a pop singer, she still sticks with Jesus and defends herself. Another bible verse is from Luke 24:1-3, But at daybreak on the first day of the week [the women] took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. Mary could have stayed home and mourned or even waited until later to bring the spices to the tomb, but Mary had a servants heart. She rose the earlies to serve Christ and honor him. This again is similar to Lady Gagas persistent faith and honoring him the best way she knows how. The last bible verse is from Luke 24:6-8, Remember what he said to you while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be handed over to sinners and be crucified, and rise on the third day. And they remembered his words. Mary never question Jesus and she immediately went to tell the disciples what she had seen and heard. Lady Gaga too never questioned Jesus although she was tested by her sexual assault. She still became even stronger than ever. In conclusion, although there are many differences between Mary Magdalene, the biblical leader, and Lady Gaga, the pop performer, they still both keep God the center of their life. Thus, this inspires many to keep God the center of every relationship or activity.

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Imagery in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Free Essays

What Mark Twain is trying to portray in this part of, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is that Boggs is plainly looking for trouble, and Colonel Sherburn is as well. In this part of the book, Boggs comes galloping along on his horse, to town where he wants to kill Sherburn. His motto, â€Å"meat first, and spoon vittles to top off on† (107) is referring to him killing Colonel Sherburn and then eat him up in a sense of having pride that Boggs defeated someone. We will write a custom essay sample on Imagery in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or any similar topic only for you Order Now When I was reading this part of the novel, I pictured Boggs as a mid-aged, really large man. Also, the book said he had a really red face so it made me picture him getting out of breath easy. Losing his breath foreshadowed a bit to me that he was the one that was going to be defeated, being â€Å"weak†. As Boggs was trying to act strong and brave, it turned out that Sherburn was the brave one, I pictured. Sherburn seemed like he just walked out of the store in Arkansas in a brave matter, with no care in the world after he gave that speech. Colonel Sherburn seemed sick of Boggs running his mouth, and so he shot Boggs multiple times. The word â€Å"bang! kept appearing in this chapter, and it showed me how Sherburn wanted to do what he thought was necessary, though he was frustrated a bit. What really caught my eye was when they were trying to keep Boggs alive, and they put a Bible over his chest and under his head. This made sense that they thought, through their religion, that that could help Boggs out and that the Holy Spirit would bring him back to life, but unfort unately they did not. When first reading this, chills were brought to me with the smell of really fresh air and the sound of huffing and puffing as Boggs kept gasping for that sweet air. How to cite Imagery in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Essay examples

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Promotion and Marketing Communications

Question: Discuss about the Promotion and Marketing Communications. Answer: Introduction: The review of Market Survey pinnacles the basic features of the corporate objectives comprising the creation of products in positive perspectives of marketing along with industrial organization to seize an enormous number of spectators. The foundation of Woolworths formulates its diverse active supplies in northern as well as southern divisions in Australia and other continents. The association of Woolworths exists principally with a creative production of fresh patterns of vegetables, miscellaneous fruits, packaged stuffs of nutritious substances, meat in addition to sale of DVDs, publications of periodicals, writing or reading objects and so forth (Mattson, 2012). There are additional 980 operating outlets plus 16 convenience stores for deliveries in wide-ranging segments. Woolworths transmits its uniqueness as Safeway openings around Victoria. There are 3 openings in the provinces of Melbourne and 4 along the landscape of Victoria. In addition, there are outlets on the southern pu rview across New South Wales. Its main purpose lies in shaping sturdier, more commercial, client interactions with a strong market extension strategy. Woolworths objectives intend to brand revolutionary performances to convey value by means of pleasing various choices with technological foundation and embedding the heightened consumer package; besides introduction of novel products (Kotler Andresen, 2011). Discuss marketing orientation concepts Woolworths put forward consistent assortment of manufactured items with superiority, usually enabling self-possessed provisions of full-line hypermarkets using excess of 30,000 primarily branded arrivals of stock. The superstore establishment likewise possesses advertising strategies of corporate intelligence to ensure market transactions. There are scopes of benefit from significant assets in mass publicity through social upgrade of infrastructures. It emphasizes its championship as the leading Australian superior manufacturer. The policies of handling customers with the persuasive plus transactional marketing campaigns are extremely imperative to Woolworths (Peck, et al. 2012). The organization is frequently on the run with planned and compressed method of transport of harvests and accessibilities. There are most advanced forms of stimulating their public relations through continuous mailing facilities plus purchaser communications to gain loyalty. These assertions endorsed Woolwor ths to employ databank for ambitious allegiance and intensified methodologies of fabrication. In accretion, they confirm premeditated promotional contracts with transmitters of gasoline, treatment of insurance guidelines, greeting permits, and cost-effective airline to strengthen their social contact to Australian customers. What is the organizations core marketing strategy? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current marketing strategy and explain how this strategy will help the organization to reach its corporate objectives. The essential marketing strategy specifies the creation of relevant and appropriate relationship with the stakeholders in addition to the practicalities to be augmented by buoyant mechanisms, diplomacies and equipment. The encouragement of globalization denotes the assessment of the preference of manufacturing division to grow in wide-ranging segments of the dominant sections of the market. The development policy wholly depends on the accurate estimation of the possessions of relaxed environments and postulation of substances for transaction. The expense of payments to the workers, industrial costs, and dissemination of the outputs to accommodating locations are quite imperative. It facilitates the accomplishment of the moralities of functioning strategy (Mullins Walker, 2013). Woolworths leads the premier supplies through 39.5% of marketplace share of the division, nevertheless this has condensed in terms of values in the contemporary period. As per a range of a sophisticated retail arrangement that holds fluid items, competence of repositioning of stuffs, discounted supplies, home-grown augmentation as well as online system. It honors to help 18 millions of consumers on weekly statuses and aims to extent its business with the foundation of 15-30 deliveries annually (, 2016). Strengths: It has capability to lessen the prices, since, it was regarded as inexpensive dealer in the marketplace, It has robust production of organic and fresher items of fruits and vegetables, herbs, snacks and refreshments, meat and other non-veg products, cosmetics and skin care items for both men and women, luxuries, playful toys, household ware, and periodic goods retailing of store-branded substances and many other different products. Weakness: Forceful rivalry in the non-nutritional varieties stirs the convenience workshops that produce the current tendency of a decline in retail transactions. The increase in values of oil may pose problematic to uphold a competitive rating as well as the market infiltration cannot pay for modest prices (Mattson, 2012). References Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (2016). Food and Grocery Code of Conduct. Retrieved 15 December 2016, from: Kotler, P. Andresen, A. (2011). Strategic Marketing for Non-profit Organizations, 7th ed. London: Person/Prentice Hall Langen, N. (2013). Ethics in Consumer Choice. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden Gabler. Mattson, E. (2012). Promotion and Marketing Communications. New Delhi: World Technologies. Mullins, J. Walker, O. (2013). Marketing management. New York: McGraw-Hill. Peck, H., Christopher, M. Clark, M. (2012) Relationship Marketing, 5th ed. London: Prentice Hall, (2016). Supply chain integration [online] Retrieved 15 December 2016, from: The Australian. (2016). The Australian. [online] Retrieved 15 December 2016, from: Woolworths Limited. (2015). Annual Report 2015. Retrieved 15 December 2016, from: Woolworths Limited. (2016). Who We Are: Our brands. Retrieved 15 December 2016, from:

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A.T. Kearney Sales Management Essay Example

A.T. Kearney Sales Management Essay A. T Kearney and the new â€Å"defining entity† Background: â€Å"No longer is IT just another tool the CEO might use to accomplish costs saving and operational ends. Today, information technology can help solve product problems, set new levels of service and create new distribution and communication channels. † Founded in 1926, A. T. Kearney had evolved into one the world’s dominant management consulting practices. Its approach was to develop realistic solutions and help clients implement recommendations that generated tangible results and improved competitive advantage. The mix of strategy and operations had differentiated A. T. Kearney from its competitor’s and driven the firm’s outstanding results. A. T. Kearney had doubled its size every three years since 1983 and was recently listed in Consultants news as one of the five fastest-growing consulting firms in the world. EDS started in 1962 with Ross Perrot and $1000 dollar investment. It helped customers use information and technology to recast their economics and to identify and seize new opportunities. Considered by many to be the inventor of â€Å"outsourcing,† EDS had established itself as a world leader in information technology services. EDS defined its business as â€Å"shaping how information is created distributed, shared, enjoyed, and applied for the benefit of businesses, governments, and individuals around the world. † Its service offering included four different types of products: Systems Development, Systems Integration, Systems Management, and process management. EDS later entered the management consulting industry as part of a strategy to offer business solutions rather than simply IT solutions to its customers. We will write a custom essay sample on A.T. Kearney Sales Management specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on A.T. Kearney Sales Management specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on A.T. Kearney Sales Management specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer EDS eventually formalized its efforts of management consulting by creating MCS which leveraged its tradition and strengths, MCS brought a new dimension to EDS. Over a short two-year period, EDS had built MCS into an organization of 1,300 people, with 30 offices in 20 countries. Competition for both firms revolved around the big six classic IT firms who were enjoying annual growth rates in excess for 15 percent as IT became increasingly strategic in nature and instrumental for reengineering. Operation and Strategic Firms, who were best known for their strategic expertise, were broadening their service fferings as they moved aggressively downstream into operations consulting. Systems Integrators and Systems Vendors had moved to more traditional management consulting markets and new information technology entrants that spotted the opportunity to consolidate client relationship by selling â€Å"upstream† consulting services on top of their core outsourcing and system integration s kills. Because of intense competition and extensive opportunities, EDS acquisitioned A. T. Kearney Ltd. in order to provide is a full service company. Despite amazing growth in the first year, the â€Å"new entity† had problems in leveraging the two companies, and jumping on these new attractive opportunities. However, the acquisition also raised many issues. Among these was the issue of how to leverage the merger in terms of providing strategic consulting and information systems solutions to clients. There’s also the issue about the ability of these two very different organizations, with different skill sets and cultures, to work together in blending their services into a broad, seamless continuum. Should the two firm’s cross-sell each others services? Should A. T. Kearney call on existing ED’s clients and vice-versa? Should the two firms work together to secure new clients? Sales management issues arising from this decision. For example, if cross-selling is to be encouraged, what incentive scheme might be appropriate? Strengths: * Successful merger between EDS and A. T. Kearney * World leader in Information Technology services * Offer services from systems development to Consulting services * Companies are very well known world-wide * Well positioned in the market place * Unparalleled spectrum of capabilities to clients Steady growth * â€Å"One Stop Shop† * Broad Range of services * Well matched for both A. T. Kearney and MCS. * Strong goals of growth, globalization, and leadership. Weaknesses * Leveraging and combining each other’s strengths in the marketplace * Merging of two entirely different cultures * Fear that A. T. Kearney would be viewed as the front end for EDS * Merge not working out among employee s * May be difficult to attract and retain good people * Consulting vs. Systems * Un-established environment where the two companies could remain apart, but at the same time work together. Sales and account management Opportunities: * Draw on the strengths of both organizations and develop entirely new products. * Full service firm * Technology being integrated into business strategy * A lot of growth potential * Technological Investments will increase * Substantial cross-marketing opportunities * Host events where employees from both organizations attend Threats: * Competitors becoming full service * Political and legal policies affecting the merge * Competition from other firms * The â€Å"Big Six† – Classic IT firms * Operational and Strategic Firms Systems Integrators and system vendors * New information technology entrants Recommendations: Cross-Selling will be strongly encouraged in the company by giving incentives to the sales teams of both companies. In additio n, the company should train a middleman between the two services. Train employees in cross-selling techniques. The approach must be built around serving the customer, not just selling more stuff. For example, you might describe how the additional products or services would complement the original purchase and further solve the customer’s problem. Be on the same payroll, their pay depends on the other company. Basically, there should be consultants from A. T. Kearney, who are involved in the creation of the IT programs from EDS. The two firms should work together to secure new clients. Essentially, whether the client from A. T. Kearney or EDS. A. T. Kearney will encourage the client to buy the software and services from EDS or EDS can ask the client use A. T. Kearney consulting services or they can also make it a package deal. In order to do so there’s a need to establish consistent forms of communication  with various layers of management. Setting up a communication program that includes a comprehensive list of employee groups within the purchasing and selling organizations; a very specific timetable for addressing each group; tools and forums to be used in communicating to each group; and deadlines for developing content and producing material, along with the individuals charged with accomplishing these tasks. There should be clear communications to  all  employees,  the expectations for working in the post-transaction environment. They should, therefore, hear the same message from management so that all employees are singing from the same prayer book.    Ideally, members of a companys executive team should initially address all employees directly. On a follow-up basis, however, managers should be reinforcing the big picture painted by senior officials while focusing on specific actions expected of employees under their supervision. To ensure these follow-up communications are consistent in their message and reflect top managements expectations for employee action, a company-wide communication plan should be in place. Overall controls on the type and content of the communications could range from providing managers with content outlines and/or key talking points, to centralized development of the presentation material itself. Listen to the views and concerns of all employees  regarding work in the new environment. Overall, the newly formed company must work hard at finding a blend of corporate practices and procedures from operations, sales and R;D to finance, management systems and the use of capital and human resources that best suits its planned goals and objectives. Reason for Recommendation: If two firms were to create a new environment that can work for both organizations by communicating, it will provide both firms with optimum advantage. Benefits from the blend will include: keeping as many clients as possible, getting some more and most importantly, have a good and efficient organization, not just to the eyes of the clients, but also to the new inner structure that the company will have. The entity can host event for the employees to get to know each other this way EDS employees can refer clients to a specific A. T. Kearney consultant or perhaps have both work together, even introduce the A. T. Kearney consultant to the client and visa-versa. In order to encourage this, the company can provide incentives for cross-selling, or they can. For the vendor, the benefits are also substantial. The most obvious example is an increase in revenue. There are also efficiency benefits in servicing one account rather than several. Most importantly, vendors that sell more services to a client are less likely to be displaced by a competitor. The more a client buys from a vendor, the higher the switching cost

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Realigning Elections in American History

Realigning Elections in American History Since the stunning victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 United States Presidential election, the discourse around words and phrases such as â€Å"political realignment† and â€Å"critical elections† have  become more commonplace not only among  political analysts but also in mainstream media. Political Realignments A political realignment occurs when a particular group or class of voters changes or in other words realigns with a political party or candidate who they vote for in a particular election – known as a critical election or this realignment may be spread out over a number of elections. On the other hand, â€Å"dealignment† occurs when a voter becomes disenfranchised with his or her current political party and either chooses not to vote or becomes an independent. These political realignments take place in elections involving the U.S. Presidency and the U.S. Congress and are signified by power changes of the Republican and Democratic parties that constitute ideological changes both issues and party leaders.  Other important factors are legislative changes which affect campaign financing rules and voter eligibility. Central to realignment is that there is a change in voter’s behavior. 2016 Election Results In the 2016 election, although Trump is winning at the time of this writing the Electoral College by a margin of 290 to 228 votes; Clinton is winning the overall popular vote by more than 600,000 votes. In addition, in this election, American voters gave the Republican Party a clean power sweep – the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. One key to the Trump victory was that he won the  popular vote in three of the so-called â€Å"Blue Wall† States: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Blue Wall States are those who have solidly supported the Democratic Party over past ten or so presidential elections. With respect to the electoral votes:  Pennsylvania has 20, Wisconsin has 10, and Michigan has 16.  Although these states were essential in propelling Trump to victory, it is important to note that his margin of victory from these three states totaled approximated 112,000 votes. If Clinton had won these three States, she would be the President-elect instead of Trump.   In the ten Presidential elections prior to 2016, Wisconsin had only voted Republican on two occasions – 1980 and 1984; Michigan voters had voted Democrat in six straight Presidential elections prior to 2016; and as well, in the ten Presidential elections prior to 2016, Pennsylvania had only voted Republican on three occasions – 1980, 1984 and 1988. V. O. Key, Jr. and Realigning Elections American political scientist  V.O. Key, Jr. is most well-known for his contributions to behavioral  political science, with his major impact being on election studies.  In his 1955 article A Theory of Critical Elections, Key explained how the Republican Party became dominant between 1860 and 1932; and then how this dominance shifted to the Democratic Party  after 1932 by using empirical evidence to identify a number of election which Key termed as â€Å"critical,† or â€Å"realigning† which resulted in American voters changing their political party affiliations. While Key specifically starts with 1860 which was the year that Abraham Lincoln was elected, other scholars and political scientists have identified and/or recognized that there have been systematic patterns or cycles which have regularly taken place in the U.S. national elections.  Ã‚  While these scholars are not in agreement as to the duration of these patterns: periods that range from every 30 to 36 years as opposed to 50 to 60 years; it does appear that the patterns have some relationship with generational change. Election of 1800 The earliest election which scholars have identified as realigning was in 1800 when Thomas Jefferson defeated the incumbent John Adams. This election transferred power from George Washington and Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Party to the Democratic-Republican Party which was led by Jefferson. Although some argue that this was the birth of the Democratic Party, in reality, the party was established in 1828 with the election of Andrew Jackson. Jackson defeated the incumbent, John Quincy Adams and resulted in the Southern States taking power from the original New England colonies. Election of 1860 As stated above, Key explained how the Republican Party became dominant starting in 1860 with the election of Lincoln. Although Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party during his early political career, as President he led the U.S. to abolish slavery as a member of the Republic Party. In addition, Lincoln and the Republic Party brought nationalism to the United States on the eve of what would become the American Civil War. Election of 1896 The overbuilding of railroads caused several of them, including the Reading Railroad, to go into receivership which caused hundreds of banks to fail; resulting in what was the first U.S. economic depression and is known as the Panic of 1893. This depression caused soup lines and public ire towards the present administration and made the Populist Party the favorite to take power in the 1896 Presidential election. In the 1896 Presidential election, William McKinley defeated William Jennings Bryan and while this election was not a true realignment or did it even meet the definition of a critical election; it did set the stage for how candidates would campaign for office in subsequent years. Bryan had been nominated by both the Populist and Democratic parties. He was opposed by the Republican McKinley who was backed by a very wealthy individual who used that wealth to conduct a campaign that was intended to make the populace fearful of what would happen if Bryan won. On the other hand, Bryan used the railroad to make a whistle-stop  tour giving twenty to thirty speeches daily.  These campaign methods have evolved into the modern day. Election of 1932 The 1932 election is widely considered as the most well-known realignment election in U.S. history. The country was in the middle of the Great Depression as a result of the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Democratic candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal policies overwhelmingly defeated incumbent Herbert Hoover by a margin of 472 to 59 Electoral Vote. This critical election was the underpinnings of a massive overhaul of American politics.  In addition, it changed the face of the Democratic Party.   Election of 1980 The next critical election occurred in 1980 when Republican challenger Ronald Reagan defeated the Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter by the tremendous margin of 489 to 49 Electoral Votes. At the time, approximately 60 American’s had been held hostage since November 4, 1979, after the U.S. Embassy in Tehran had been overrun by Iranian students. The Reagan election also marked a realignment of the Republican Party to being more conservative than ever before and also brought about Reaganomics which was designed to fix severe economic issues that confronted the country.  In 1980, the Republicans also took control of the Senate, which marked the first time since 1954 that they had control of either house of Congress. (It would not be until 1994 before the Republican Party would have control of both the Senate and the House simultaneously.) Election of 2016 – Realigning Election? The real question with respect as to whether the 2016 election victory by Trump is a â€Å"political realignment† and/or a â€Å"critical election† is not easy to answer a week after the election.  The United States is not experiencing internal financial distress or facing negative economic indicators such as high unemployment, inflation, or increasing interest rates. The country is not at war, although there are threats of foreign terrorism and social unrest due to racial issues.  However, it does not appear that these were major issues or concerns during this election process.   Instead, one could argue that neither Clinton or Trump were viewed by voters as being â€Å"Presidential† due to their own ethical and moral issues.  In addition, since lack of honesty was a major hurdle which Clinton attempted to overcome throughout the campaign, it is quite plausible that out of fear of what Clinton would do if elected, voters chose to give the Republicans control of both houses of Congress.

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Advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping Dissertation

Advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping - Dissertation Example Branding might cause a person to shop on-line because that person is looking for specific brands that might not be available in stores. On the other hand, branding might work to encourage people to shop high street shops, because these shops do a more effective job of branding then do on-line stores. Therefore, it is necessary to examine what branding is. Branding began with the modern age. Modern consumption is also driven by the choices that were being offered in modern society, choices that were not offered in earlier societies, before mass production of goods became the norm. This mass production had a side effect as well, one that would influence the post-modern individual’s obsession with labels and designers – branding became essential, as there were so many goods flooding the market, that companies needed to distinguish their goods from the multitude of other goods that were coming into existence. According to Naomi Klein, this led to competitive branding and, u ltimately, to the rise of designer labels, such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Because brands are essentially the same – Coke is not really that much different from Pepsi, Reebok is not much different than Nike, Apples are not appreciably different from PCs – companies must find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Goldman & Papson argue that this has led to a rather cluttered landscape for the world of advertising, as each brand tries to get a leg up on their competitors by branding themselves as somehow different from the rest. One way is by attacking and counterattacking – such as when MCI named AT&T in their advertisements for friends and family, thereby gaining market share away from AT&T, AT&T went on the defensive, deriding MCI's friends and family program as a â€Å"manipulator of personal relations† because the program involved giving MCI a person's information without that person's knowledge. Another way is by showing wha t a product is not – such as when Pringle's potato chips transposed an image of their light chip with that of a guy eating greasy chips that dripped on his shirt (Goldman & Pappas, 1996). Because brands have a hard time saying that their product is better than the other guys, they instead seek to raise their symbolic image value – LL Bean's flannel shirts may be the same in quality as Wal-Mart's, but the image of wearing an LL Bean's shirt makes the value more than Wal-Mart. It is all about the image that has been carefully cultivated in the advertisements for these brands, where the product and the image coming together is known as a â€Å"commodity sign†. This is what is meant when somebody says that one is â€Å"paying for the name† (Goldman & Pappas, 1996). Identity became a construct of consumption, in that people, both men and women, started using consumption not as a way to express one's identity, but to construct it - â€Å"brands are how we figu re out who we are.†(Kacen, 2000). This reflects the fluidity of an individual's identity, and reflects that gender identity is also a fluid concept, as opposed to a fixed attribute (Kacen, 2000). Part of this was made possible by the Nikes and Tommy Hilfigers of the world who are not just selling products, but the image that their brand connotes. Therefore, mere manufacturing has been replaced by marketing (Klein, 2000). Price discounting may to differentiate one’s brand from other brands because of the problem of brand similarity. There is some indication that price discounting may actually hurt a store’s image and the brand image, and that it might not build sales (Grewal et al., 1998). Therefore, whether or not it actually works depends on other factors. One factor is known as the perceived discount. According